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Treasures in the countryside.Going across Perugia countryside, looking for its treasures, following the five senses through which we communicate with the world around us …
Finding out villagescastlesabbeys and other treasures along five routes through Perugia rural territory, suggesting a perception of the external world through touch, taste, sight, hearing and smell …
These are attractions which propose a new model of sustainable tourism and invite the tourists to prolong their stay in our town.In Perugia countryside - one the largest in Italy - there are many vestiges of the history and the culture of people who lived there. They are vestiges of great value and dignity, just like the more famous ones in the town acropolis.They are vestiges of a countryside which was more peopled and important than the present-day one. It was studded with ancient fortified villages, castles, stately abbeys, noble villas - which were the sites of international culture simposia - archeological sites and natural wonders.