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Visiting museums

An extraordinary journey through history and art to explore the entire city of Perugia. The circuit Perugia City Museum includes, in fact, a wide variety of museums, monuments and archaeological sites.

The CARD Perugia City Museum offer discounts and important services to its owners. You can buy it at the ticket office of all the museums participating in the project and gives discounts at shops and restaurants and reductions for temporary exhibitions and events.

In Perugia you can still see important remains from the Etruscan, in particular the city walls built between the fourth and third centuries BC.
A trip along the water supply of the city starting from the most famous fountain, Fontana Maggiore in Piazza IV Novembre, the symbol of Perugia and thirteenth-century masterpiece of sculpture.
Climbing hills, Perugia is a generous giver of views breathtaking.
Discovering the intimate aspects of Perugia and unpublished, hidden eyes distracted and hasty routes that allow the visitor to enter the heart of the historical center, through a dense network of narrow streets.
To discover the most interesting paths a few miles from the city center, to go mountain biking or walking.
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