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«Wandering through these complicated, steep, humpy streets, through these precipitous galleries, with their loose bricks, crossed by curbs to slow down the feet, amidst these strange buildings … » — H.A. Taine, Voyage en Italie, I, Paris, 1866 With its Etruscan walls, a gorgeous Medieval center, Perugia is not only a city for the gluttonous (re: chocolate), but for artists and art lovers alike.  
Treasures in the countryside. Going across Perugia countryside, looking for its treasures, following the five senses through which we communicate with the world around us..  
Thanks to the great variety of its territory – rich in art, nature and good food - tourists who want to explore the city of Perugia can choose from amongst a wide range of activities. Urban trekking is a great opportunity to explore hidden corners and little known historical places. An example of this is the “Umbria underground” route, where many towns, including Perugia and Todi, can be visited through underground passages and tunnels, enriching our historical and archaeological knowledge in a fascinating way.
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